Car accidents happen on a daily basis in Chicago and all throughout Illinois. Sadly, many of those accidents are fatalities that can involve one or more vehicles. Knowing the main causes of fatal vehicle accidents might be able to keep you and your family safer.

What are the common causes of fatal car accidents?

A motor vehicle accident, or MVA, can occur because of a variety of factors. Drivers who are between the ages of 15 and 20 are the most likely to have an accident caused by distracted driving, which is one of the main causes of fatal crashes. As a result, many states have laws prohibiting the use of a handheld cellphone while driving. It is also illegal to use other electronic handheld devices while operating a vehicle. However, in addition to distracted driving, the following are common causes of fatal car accidents:

• Speeding or racing
• Alcohol or drug use, including prescription medications
• Drowsy driving
• Driving in hazardous conditions or at night
• Not wearing a seatbelt
• Driving an unsafe vehicle

It’s worth noting that many of the causes of these accidents can be avoided.

How can you prevent a fatal car accident?

An MVA is more likely to occur on weekends, during rush hour, and on holidays. It’s essential to be as alert as possible any time you’re driving at any of those times. You can also do your part to prevent fatal car accidents by doing the following:

• Avoid alcohol and drugs when you’re driving, which includes taking any prescription medication that causes drowsiness.
• Only use your cellphone in a hands-free manner if you’re of legal age. Never text while driving.
• Ensure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seatbelt.
• Follow all traffic signs and signals and drive at the legal speed limit.
• Slow down in bad weather and avoid driving in heavy rain, snow, or other extreme weather conditions.

Using these tips can keep you and everyone around you safer while on the road.

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