A study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that women in Illinois and nationwide are more likely to be injured or killed in the same types of car accidents where men are not injured or killed. The report said more men than women die in car wrecks. Researchers believe there are at least two causes.

Type of vehicle

Over 70% of women involved in wrecks were in cars rather than larger vehicles than 60% of men. In particular, less than 5% of women were in pickups compared to 20% of men. Since larger vehicles offer more protection than smaller ones, more women are injured or killed than men. The institute says they expect that difference to become smaller as manufacturers learn how to make smaller vehicles safer.

Likelihood of receiving injury

When the institute looked at police accident reports involving accidents where one or two vehicles were involved, they discovered that women were three times more likely than men to receive a moderate injury and twice as likely to receive a severe injury. When they further analyzed the data, they found no difference when the accident involved the front of comparable vehicles, such as two vehicles running head-on into each other.

Research conclusions

Researchers say that while the behavior of men and women may be different when they are driving, the difference in the type of vehicle they usually drive makes the difference motor vehicle accidents. They do not feel that the difference is caused by women’s and men’s bodies being built differently. They also do not believe it is because of behaviors when behind the wheel.

Women are more likely to be injured in vehicle accidents than men because of the types of vehicles they drive.

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