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Robert Fakhouri and his associate attorneys can take on your case to help you identify all liable parties and seek the highest compensation possible for your injuries. We have secured millions in damages for our clients in settlements and favorable trial verdicts.

Whether you have just been hurt and are exploring your legal options, or you have already received an initial settlement offer and want an outside opinion, we are available to lend our knowledge and experience to your case.

The last thing you want is to walk away from a claim with damages left on the table — including the future costs of your medical care and lost wages — which is why we provide a comprehensive accounting of your damages for each and every case.

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Personal Injury Practice Areas We Commonly Handle

When you are ready to talk about your possible injury claim, we are ready to listen. We represent clients for a wide range of case types, the most common of which are listed below.

But even if you don’t see your type of situation listed, you can always reach out to our experienced Chicago personal injury attorneys to learn more about your legal options.

Car Accidents

Car accidents cost hundreds of lives each year in Chicago and lead to millions in untold medical expenses and other economic losses. Data from the City of Chicago for the years 2020–2022 shows that there were nearly 50,000 injuries reported from crashes, with 5,884 that were serious enough to incapacitate the victim and 424 that proved fatal.

Any car accident has the capability to inflict serious medical harm, leading to emergency treatment, lost days of work, and sometimes hospitalization or the need for long-term care. Claiming your medical costs from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance policy can seem like a matter of course, but the truth is that insurers are likely to undervalue your claim and fail to account for your future damages.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be incredibly serious, putting crash survivors in the hospital in some cases while claiming lives in others. Worse, trucking carriers and their insurers are apt to avoid any liability to the extent possible.

They are known to avoid responding to requests for further evidence from the vehicle or driver, and they may even dismiss a claim out-of-hand when they wish to avoid accepting liability.

Having an attorney gives you someone to fight for your right to recover damages, including accident reconstructionists and attorneys willing to do whatever it takes to retrieve all available evidence.

Don’t let a big company try to stonewall or strongarm you; trust in a Chicago truck accident injury attorney with proven experience and the drive to help your case succeed.

Pedestrian Accidents

Chicago is a city that’s great to explore on foot, but doing so isn’t always safe. When pedestrian accidents happen, they are likely to be severe.

2020–2022 data from the City of Chicago shows that 88% of pedestrian accidents in the city result in some sort of injury. Nearly 20% of all crashes involved an incapacitating injury, and 102 accidents led to a fatality.

When you or a loved one has been hurt in a pedestrian accident, you can look to our firm for answers and seasoned legal guidance to help you recover all damages from all responsible parties.

Bicycle Accidents

Chicago is, in most areas, a very bikeable city, but it can also prove dangerous to cyclists. Whether riding on busy streets downtown or enjoying a ride in a secluded neighborhood, there is always the chance of a collision with a motor vehicle or a crash because of an improperly maintained thoroughfare.

Let our attorneys help you recover medically and financially from your bicycle accident so that you can, hopefully, ride again someday.

Motorcycle Accidents

Nothing beats a cruise on a motorcycle through the River North district or down Lake Shore Drive. Cook County also has an abundance of great riding routes that showcase the full beauty of Lake Michigan and the Illinois heartland.

When motorcycle accidents occur, though, the victims may be left reeling from severe injuries — on top of sizeable hospital bills. Our goal is to help you recover as much as possible so that you and your family can move on from the accident toward the best outcome possible.

Boat Accidents

Chicago’s beautiful waterways are a major draw for locals, tourists, and commercial enterprises alike. However, they also pose severe dangers, especially when the operator of a vessel is acting negligently.

Our Chicago boat accident attorneys can assist you whether your accident happened at the hands of an operator on your vessel, on another, or because of another reason, like a dangerous bridge design.

Aviation Accidents

O’Hare is the world’s fourth-busiest airport, opening up the possibility of many accidents on the runway or in the air. Commercial airlines can make it difficult to obtain an accurate value for your injury claim, especially when the accident in question costs the life of a loved one. 

There are also private charter planes and other small-operator flights taking place in Cook County all of the time. When these flights result in disaster, investigating their cause and holding the responsible parties accountable can be even more challenging than pursuing a commercial carrier claim.

The Personal Injury Lawyers ™ are prepared to help you through the aftermath of any type of aviation accident, especially when it claims the life of someone you loved so dearly. Let us help you find out exactly what happened, why, and who should be held responsible for the total costs of damages you and your family have suffered.

Dog Bites

A recent study found that Chicago has the highest density of dogs of a major U.S. city. While that can be great for dog lovers, it can also pose high risks when negligent dog owners, businesses, or property managers fail to keep people safe from aggressive dogs.

Fortunately, Illinois has strict liability rules that make it possible to hold the responsible party accountable for medical bills and all other resulting damages. Let a dog bite attorney from our firm assist you when a Chicago dog decides to take a bite out of you!

Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts offer limited protection, especially in a collision with a street-legal motor vehicle. Whether caused by a careless driver, a defective cart, a property hazard, or some combination thereof, we are prepared to represent you on your claim and seek appropriate damages from all liable parties after a golf cart accident.

Premises Liability (Slip and Fall)

Premises liability cases involve a property owner (or tenant or management company) who failed to protect someone who had a right to be in the space from a dangerous hazard. All of the types of parties mentioned have a duty to regularly inspect their property and remove hazards — or take reasonable measures to warn others and reduce the risk they pose. 

Getting compensation from a property owner can be challenging in Chicago, especially when you’re going after a big company or government agency. The Personal Injury Lawyers ™ can help you track down all liable parties and hold them accountable for the damages they inflict.

Defective Medical Devices

Data from the FDA shows that 80,000 deaths and 1.7 million injuries can be linked to faulty medical devices from 2011–2021. Whether because of a critical failure or a connected adverse event, medical device defects can have a significant negative impact on the patient’s quality of life.

Patients are likely to need medical interventions to address the device issue, and they may have permanent health impairments as a result. Our firm is prepared to help you get to the bottom of what happened to your device and hold all responsible parties accountable for the resulting medical bills and other losses you have suffered due to a defective medical device.

Dangerous Drugs

There have been over 14,000 drug recalls from 2013–2023, says Harvard. There have also been countless more adverse events connected to defective or dangerous drugs that go unaccounted for in FDA recall data.

Often, drug companies will scramble to obscure the connection between their drug and the medical harm inflicted, which is why our attorneys make great efforts to hold them accountable.

When you have been affected by a drug injury, reach out to us for fearless representation and experienced guidance to help maximize your injury claim’s chances of success.

ATV Accidents

ATVs can be extremely dangerous, especially when ridden by a careless operator or when the vehicle has a major defect. There are also situations where an otherwise safe operator is put in harm’s way by a negligent property owner or other outside party.

With the capacity to cause broken bones, internal organ damage, and death, ATV accidents are often serious. The Personal Injury Lawyers ™ are available to help you and your loved ones recover medically and financially in the wake of your devastating incident.

Construction Site Accidents

With new skyscrapers going up every year and a seemingly never-ending cavalcade of other big construction projects, Chicago is a city that’s constantly changing. At the cost of development are the risks assumed by construction workers and others who live, work, or visit near sites.

As one of the most dangerous industries in the United States, construction can easily lead to permanent impairments and an inability to return to former job duties. Let us help you explore all viable options for recovery — including worker’s compensation and third-party liability claims — in order to maximize the potential settlement value you are able to obtain after a construction accident.

Daycare Accidents

Daycares are responsible for our most precious cargo, but serious lapses in oversight and safety practices can put our beloved children right into the path of danger.

Regardless of whether the incident was a one-time slip-up or part of a pattern of abuse and neglect, our daycare accident lawyer will help you rigorously investigate the daycare services provider and seek out all appropriate damages for what your child and your family have gone through.

Workers’ Compensation (Occupational Injury)

Occupational injuries can easily jeopardize a household’s ability to maintain its financial health. The worker’s compensation system is supposed to help injured workers avoid such an outcome, but employers and their insurers aren’t always willing to part with their benefits so easily.

Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can be the key factor you need to ensure that your medical diagnosis is accurate and that you are receiving all benefits to which you should rightfully be eligible.

We can also simultaneously explore your ability to hold other third parties liable for your injury, such as the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment or a contracted agency whose negligence led to you getting hurt on the job.

Wrongful Death

The most serious type of case we can handle, our attorneys are here to render all available services we can to minimize the hardship your family is experiencing during this challenging time.

Your loved one would have wanted their family to be well cared for, and a wrongful death claim can sometimes be the only way to ensure that their wishes can be fulfilled. In addition to seeking the replacement of any lost household income, we can also work to restore any losses to the value of the loved one’s estate while compensating your family adequately for the emotional and mental suffering you have endured.

Work With a Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Who Wants to Help You Get the Compensation You Need to Move on

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Our services at The Personal Injury Lawyers ™ come at no up-front cost to you, and we only get paid if we are able to recover some level of compensation for your case. That places all the risk on us while motivating us to do whatever we can to help you recover.

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