Civil Rights Lawyer Robert Fakhouri Advocates for Justice in Astarte Washington’s Police Misconduct Lawsuit

It’s been three years since Astarte Washington suffered devastating physical and emotional injuries at the hands of the Chicago police during the George Floyd protests, and her pursuit of justice continues. Represented by civil rights attorney Robert Fakhouri, Washington’s lawsuit against the City of Chicago has gained renewed attention among civil rights cases as a new mayor takes office.

In 2020, Astarte Washington was making her way home from her grandmother’s house when she encountered law enforcement officers attempting to control crowds at 111th Street and South Michigan Avenue. The police ordered the then 15-year-old Washington to the ground. The teen complied and minutes later was run over by an unattended police SUV.

Astarte’s mother says, “My daughter turned around, and she got down on the ground. She left her hands up, got on her knees, got down, and not even five seconds, the truck ran over her,” in an almost unbelievable example of police negligence. 

According to dash cam video provided by The Personal Injury Lawyers ™, an officer hastily exits their vehicle without putting it in park, causing it to roll backward over Washington.

“Instead of putting the car in park, they jump out of that vehicle, the car begins to roll backwards and then you hear screaming,” Fakhouri recounted.

The toll of this incident on Astarte’s life has been immense. She suffered multiple broken bones and has struggled emotionally ever since. Despite the clear evidence of police misconduct and the lasting impact on Washington’s life, her family’s attempts to reach a settlement have been stonewalled by the city. 

“Instead of resolving this matter and instead of allowing this young lady to continue to live the life that she wanted to live before this incident took place, they’re dragging her through this litigation process,” said Fakhouri, an experienced lawyer with a wide range of experience representing victims of police misconduct, including the wrongful death of two teens killed during a police chase in 2021.

Interestingly, there is still a pending issue surrounding whether the police officers had their body cameras on during the incident. Fakhouri revealed, “We issued what was called a request to admit, because we don’t have body-worn camera footage of this instance, despite having five officers attending to our client immediately after the rollover.” 

Unfortunately, the city has neither confirmed nor denied this crucial piece of evidence, adding another layer of complexity to an already painful ordeal.

Robert S. Fakhouri and his civil rights law firm are seeking $5 million on behalf of Washington. The case serves as a poignant example of the systemic issue of police misconduct and why experienced legal advocates are critical in the fight for civil rights. With a new mayor in office, Washington and her family are hopeful that they will finally find the clarity and justice they have been seeking for years.

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Cases like these highlight the invaluable role played by civil rights lawyers like Robert Fakhouri, who relentlessly work to uphold justice and human dignity in the face of police abuse and misconduct. It takes a committed civil rights attorney to navigate the complicated legal terrain and ensure that victims like Astarte Washington get the justice they deserve. 

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