Exposure to heat, chemicals and electrical components during an Illinois car accident can easily result in serious burns. Burn injuries can create lasting financial, physical and emotional problems for car accident victims. Some victims may have the grounds to seek compensation if the accident was due to the negligence of another party.

Understand the causes of car accident burns

The design of motor vehicles contributes to a variety of burn opportunities. Car crashes may cause significant burn injuries due to the following:

  • Explosions
  • Hot metal
  • Hot steam or water
  • Toxic chemical exposure

Burns vary in severity

Not all burns from a car accident will cause long-term suffering. Some may heal quickly. Other burn injuries may never heal and can result in disfigurement.

First-degree burns cause the least long-term damage. These characteristics define a first-degree burn:

  • Affects only the epidermis
  • Red and dry skin
  • No blisters

These characteristics identify second-degree burns:

  • Affects both the epidermis and dermis skin layers
  • Red and blistered skin
  • Swelling and pain may be present

Third-degree burns create these symptoms:

  • Destroyed epidermis and dermis
  • Potential damage to bones, tendons and muscles
  • Loss of feeling due to destroyed nerve endings

The percentage of your body that sustains burns matters

If you receive burns in a car accident that affects more than 15% of your body as an adult, these are considered to be major injuries. Children with burns affecting only 10% of their body fall into the same category. Burns covering such large portions of the body create major internal and external injuries. These burns may require long-term hospitalization and intense physical therapy in order to recover.

Severe complications may arise from your burns

Infections, amputations and permanent scars may occur due to your burns. These complications may further increase your medical expenses.

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