Injuries have a way of disrupting the best-laid plans. Whether they affect you or someone close to you, their expensive treatment costs can quickly eat away at your household budget.

Worse, an injury takes time, energy, and focus away from everyone, not just the person affected. The effort spent managing care and other concerns can lead to loss of income, mental hardship, and domestic disarray.

What if you had a partner in this situation? Someone who could help you find a way to pay for the costs of the injury while reducing the headache of managing everything else?

By hiring a personal injury attorney, you can explore your legal options for seeking damages from the parties responsible for the injury. You may be eligible to file an Arabic personal injury claim in the event of a car accident, slip and fall, or any other accident where someone else’s negligence or defective product led to your injury.

You only know if you have a strong case once you talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. The legal team at The Personal Injury Lawyers ™ is ready to serve you.

Our services are offered in Arabic, giving families and individuals a chance to fight for their legal rights to compensation, regardless of their ability to speak English.

Schedule a free, confidential case review in Arabic, with no obligation to use our services after you call (312) 999-9990 or contact us online. During your free case evaluation, you can get answers to your most important questions while learning what you can do to maximize your chances of obtaining all available compensation.

Work With a Chicago Arabic Personal Injury Attorney Who Wants to Stand Up for Your Rights

The United States is traditionally thought of as a “land of opportunity.” That includes opportunities for all, not just those who speak fluent English.

Millions come here each year, still mainly speaking their native tongue when they do business or go about their lives. While the signs in most neighborhoods and on most streets are in English, important conversations are being held in hundreds of different languages, especially Arabic.

Arabic is the official language of at least 25 countries globally, and it is spoken in nearly every language on the planet. Many of the original pioneers of exploration, navigation, cartography, and trade were from the Middle East.

Today, 1.4 million American residents speak Arabic at home. Many engage in business and personal matters like healthcare entirely through the Arabic language.

They may know some English or even be partially fluent, but it will always feel more comfortable to converse in their native tongue.

At The Personal Injury Lawyers ™, we understand how it can sometimes feel like you are at a disadvantage when forced to conduct affairs entirely in English. Even to native English speakers, complicated legal terms can seem like their own language.

Our goal with our Arabic-speaking personal injury legal services is to break down this language into simple terms in a language that you are familiar with so that you are able to think as clearly as possible about how you want to approach your legal challenges.

When you have been hurt, we can represent you through every stage of your personal injury claim. We will investigate the circumstances of your accident, identify all liable parties, fully estimate your damages, and then pursue every cent you are owed using the most effective legal strategies available.

Having an attorney on your side – one you can talk comfortably with – can mean a world of difference to the outcome of your case. The legal system can often feel stacked against us, especially when you are a member of an ethnic community.

Between huge corporations, tight-fisted insurers, and big money interests, getting the compensation you need can feel extremely difficult — sometimes impossible. Our goal is to help you feel like it can be achieved, and with our legal strategies, you will have the highest possible chances of recovering the money you need to move on with your life.

Personal Injury Cases Types We Commonly Handle

We are able to handle a broad range of personal injury cases. Some of the most common ones we manage include:

We also handle cases that don’t fit neatly into any of the categories above. Simply put, if you have been hurt and you think someone else might be at fault, there is always no harm in scheduling a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

You can rely on our attorneys at any time. We are here, waiting to help people like you.

How Do I Know if I Have a Personal Injury Case?

The easy answer to the above question is: you don’t! Only an experienced attorney is qualified to review your case details and determine if there is a viable legal path for moving forward.

In a sense, anyone can pursue a personal injury claim for any reason. The big difference is that some cases will have a higher chance of success than others.

That doesn’t mean that a case less likely to succeed does not have truth or merit, but rather that certain factors make it easier to pursue justice and obtain compensation.

When you talk to a personal injury lawyer, the following factors will be extremely important for building your case and seeking a favorable outcome:

  • The amount of time that has passed since the injury happened or was first noticed
  • The connection between your injury and an accident or other event
  • The evidence that points to an individual, company, or other entity as being responsible for the accident
  • Whether the injury can be fully diagnosed, including its likely cause
  • Whether medical care was sought soon after the injury happened or when it was first noticed
  • The availability of medical bills, receipts, income statements, and other key pieces of evidence needed to establish damages
  • Whether the party who is likely at fault for your injury can be identified and contacted
  • The types of insurance policies available for making a liability claim
  • Whether the party accused of fault is willing to accept liability and settle
  • The number of different parties involved who allegedly contributed to fault, including whether the injury victim allegedly contributed to their own accident circumstances
  • For cases that involve lawsuits, the willingness of the court system in charge of your case to recognize its merits and give you the opportunity to seek damages from the parties who are likely responsible for them

If, after reading the above list, you are feeling nervous about your ability to pursue a personal injury claim, recognize that there are many legal options available. If, for example, you did not save your medical discharge papers or paid cash for medical care, you are still likely to be able to retrieve records of your treatment.

Your attorney’s sole job is to help you build a strong case. They will explore every legal option to help you maximize your chances of successful damage recovery.

Types of Damages Awarded in a Personal Injury Case

Every personal injury case is different, but they are likely to involve some or all of the following types of losses, which are referred to as “damages”:

  • Medical bills, past and future
  • Lost wages, including all income and benefits lost because of the injury
  • Out-of-pocket expenses directly connected to the injury and accident
  • Damage inflicted during the accident
  • Pain and suffering, including mental anguish, trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life
  • Funeral and burial expenses for fatal accident cases

Your attorney will help you determine all losses you have suffered because of the accident, including the projected future costs of medical care and other expenses. When handling their own cases, injury victims tend to undervalue the full costs of things like this.

Working with a personal injury attorney gives you the ability to know with certainty exactly how much you have lost and to then pursue all responsible parties for the full costs of their damages.

Steps Involved in a Personal Injury Claim

A typical personal injury case will go through the following stages. Not every case will look like what is outlined below, but each stage described provides an important part of the process, in general, even if they are skipped for your particular injury case.

  1. An accident occurs, and a report is filed
  2. The injury victim gets a diagnosis and begins treating their injuries
  3. The injury victim reaches out to a personal injury lawyer who can help them manage their case
  4. The injury is investigated, at-fault parties are identified, and appropriate insurers or other agencies are notified
  5. Once all damages are calculated, the injury attorney sends a demand letter requesting repayment in full
  6. The insurer (or other liable party) can agree to pay all damages, or they may make a counteroffer to cover a lower amount
  7. The liable party and the injury victim negotiate for a fair settlement
  8. If no settlement can be reached, the injury claim may turn into a lawsuit
  9. Lawsuits that aren’t settled or otherwise resolved out-of-court proceed to a jury trial

Do I Have to Be Represented by a Lawyer to Pursue a Personal Injury Claim?

While you don’t have to contact a personal injury lawyer to go through the above steps, it is highly recommended. Many people who are the victims of injuries will accept an initial offer far too low to cover all of their damages.

This is especially true if the victim wants to “keep quiet” and avoid “causing trouble” or attracting unwanted attention to their family. 

The reality is that giving up your legal rights does not automatically make you a better or nicer person. It only serves to benefit the people who are trying to avoid paying the full costs of injuries they cause. 

A personal injury lawyer can help you manage your case while keeping the highest possible level of privacy. They can also help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to your legal rights and the options available to you.

Their sole goal is to protect the future of you and your family by doing everything possible to maximize the damages you are able to recover. 

In nearly all cases, the party you are dealing with is going to respect you more and take your claim more seriously when you have an attorney representing you. When they say things like, “Let’s not get a lawyer involved,” what they are really saying is, “I am afraid that you have a strong case.” 

Don’t expect anyone to look after your legal rights except yourself and your attorney! You owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to be educated on your rights and hold parties accountable when they cause expensive, life-disrupting injuries.

Can I Pursue a Personal Injury Claim if I Am Not a Citizen?

Yes, anyone can use U.S. and state laws to hold someone accountable for damages they inflict when they are negligent. That includes individuals who may be undocumented.

Will I Have to Sue to Get Compensation?

No. The majority of personal injury cases are resolved through an out-of-court settlement.

However, you and your attorney may decide to file a lawsuit if the at-fault party refuses to settle or if you need specific legal abilities that can only be accessed once you have sued, such as discovery powers.

Even when a case becomes a lawsuit, both parties can decide to settle. If no settlement can be reached, a trial date will be set.

Your attorney will present the evidence and legal justification for your claim in court in front of a jury. A favorable verdict means that the at-fault party will be ordered by the court to pay for all damages awarded by the jury.

Work With a Chicago Arabic Personal Injury Law Firm Ready to Help

Life does not have to be a struggle, but an injury can make it feel like one. Obtaining legal representation can allow you to find a path forward toward full medical and financial recovery.

The Personal Injury Lawyers ™ is passionate about serving the Arabic-speaking community and defending everyone’s right to seek fair compensation. We want to help you and your family return to as normal a life as possible after your accident.

Our services can be provided at no up-front cost through a contingency arrangement. If you decide to work with us on a contingency basis, that means you don’t have to pay us at all unless we are able to recover money for you.

That puts the risk on us while motivating us to maximize your chances of getting the highest compensation possible.

When you are ready to talk about your potential personal injury case, we are ready to listen. Schedule your free case review today when you call (312) 999-9990 or contact us online.


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